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    The new Label X-RAY RECORDS distributed by the new french section of nu urban music, is proud to announce its debut 12’ vinyl release coming soon !
    Based in Paris, France, objective is to bring NuFrench skool with international artists to record shops all over the world. The label is Spin-off from X-Ray Production who organizes events in France like the "Here I Come" nights in a famous parisian boat called BATOFAR.



    A/DIGITAL SOAP - Where is my DJ?

    If you like simple and direct tunes that sound very rock'n'roll and make you happy all day long, this tune is made for you !!! With its heavy bass and its catchy happy melody, this original Digital Soap sound is really made to have a good time on the dancefloor.

    AA/ DIGITAL SOAP feat BERT-ILL & MAC MANUS - No matter

    This tune is a hypnotic track, with a kind of futuristic disco feeling and an efficient Drum & Bass groove. The intro, with its soulful voice sample, is going louder and louder until the big electro rolling bass takes total control. But be careful : if you hear it, you will keep it in mind !!!!!

    You can listen and post feedback on :

    More informations :
    xrayprod (at)
    AIM : xrayproduction

    [​IMG]Distributed by NU URBAN MUSIC
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