Digital - Rubber/Gurner

Rubber is definitely the closest Digital has come to the jump up sound although it's done in a much more complex and tasteful manner than his contemparies. Starting the tune with a slightly swung beat backed with an amusing "I want it all the time" vocal the track builds through kick rolls and comedic synth melodics. The intro is nice and short before a full on sea shanty of a bassline kicks you all round the dancefloor with a mighty long pair of shoes. The rest of the tune is left to Digital to skillfully weave the existing elements in and out of the foreground, bouncy as you the name suggests.

Gurner on the other hand is a nasty piece of work. Some cunningly crafted amen edits roll in to view along with a simple melody line setting the scene for a stab pattern that time forgot in the breakdown. A full pack of dogs is let loose as a full on sub bass assault bellows from your speakers in the main part of the tune showing no mercy whatsoever. Deadly impact laden tuneage.