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    The Service:

    We provide a quality audio mastering service aimed at independent record labels
    and artists seeking an affordable solution with professional results.


    Most on-line audio mastering services will take your music and deliver
    a generically processed wave without asking you what you are seeking to achieve.

    We will only start work on your masters once we are satisfied that we have a clear
    technical brief from you so that we know how you want your music to sound.

    As well as this we will advise you of any changes you may need to make to the mix down
    and production of your music in order to achieve the end result you want.

    We are happy to work with any style of music and guarantee to deliver you loud,
    punchy and dynamic masters that will stand up to your favourite dance floor anthems.


    Upon receipt of payment we require you to send us Wave files in either 16bit or 24bit formats.
    Deliveries can be made via,, or similar services.
    Please make sure your Wave files have at least -4db of head room for our engineers to work with.
    You must also make sure that your files have no limiting or dithering.


    1-3 Tracks - £35 per track
    4-5 Tracks - £30 per track
    6-7 Tracks - £25 per track
    8+ Tracks - £20 per track

    Prices listed are in Great British Pounds.
    For overseas customers please be sure to check the exchange rates for your country before making a payment.
    Please allow for any online banking charges such as PayPal.


    We aim to deliver your masters within seven days of receiving your payment,
    your Wave files and your technical brief. Enquiries as to the status of your
    delivery cannot be made before then.



    If you are interested in using our digital audio mastering service please visit our web site.

    Other services we offer include - Audio Mix Downs, Digital Distribution and Music Licensing For Television and Film