Digital - Frontline (NJC remix)/Informa


Jan 3, 2003
This Frontline remix has one of the deepest attacking subs I've heard in a long while. It rips forth from the speakers with reckless abandon asking for the rewind in slow motion. The beats following some what of a crazy paving like path stepping on and off the beat stylishly grooving along. While the jazzy riff from the original remains more or less intact although it's interupted now and again by the tearing bass. Raucous and bouncy, a fine combination.

Informa also syncopates the step much more than most as a grizzly bass tone climbs out of the grave and batters you repeatedly with a right hook. Synth's weave in and out every so often echoing raves gone by and tidy things up nicely. A pair of sonicly savage stormers striding subteraneously.
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