Drumstep Digital Bill-Computer Bob Loves Drumstep Mix

Download Link is on my wall-http://www.facebook.com/pages/Digital-Bill/164047705137
Tracklist--79 Minutes Long--
1. Beat Grinder & Native--Wild Wild West
2. John B--Up All Night(S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Re-edit)
3. Rage Against The Machine--Bulls On Parade(Team Awesome Radio Edit)
4. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince-Boom! Shake The Room(Kanji Kinetic Remix)
5. Fuhnetik-Nintendo 64
6. Total Recall-Headz Only(VIP Remix){Abstract Logic Recording
7. Figure and Will Bailey-Move(drumstep mix)
8. DJVC-Stereotypes[Houze Records]
9. Calvertron-Shitted On Em
10. Run DMT-Drop Top
11. Firestrike-Monsters Under The Bed[WhiteNoiseHQ]
12. K-Lix Bass Monster Trap(Neptunic Remix)
13. Figure & Tommy Lee-Pounds of Blood
14. Grasp The Erro- Fear
15. Dreadfunk-Battlecry VIP
16. B-Tek Productions-Beast
17. Beazt-Make it Boom
18. Digital Bill-Government Action(Coming Soon on Lovedrop)
19. Total Recall-Mad As Hell
20. Drumfoundead-Hate Me Now(Out on Token BASS)
21. Demented Dimensions-Brain Rape
22. Ex Libras-I Am Home(Firestrike Remix)
23. Urban Assault-Scarface(Drumstep Mix)
24. Urban Assault-In The Groove(Drumstep Mix)
25. DestrO-Rambo's Comin(Drumstep Mix)[Magma Recordings 004]
26. Raw-Blaze It v2 Test(Unmarked track Unlabeled)
27. Haters Anthem(Digital Bill Remix)
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This mix has been featured on FutureDNB
and several other internet based radio stations... If you featured this on a broadcast, drop me a link and I will add your info on here.