[DIGIPOT24] - Iberian Beats Vol.1

Nov 28, 2007

Melting Pot Records presents: DIGIPOT24 - Iberian Beats Vol.1

A - Xonora - Monkey Business
B - Alien Kid & Tamen - Opium
C - Mooncat - Autumn Dub
D - Malsum - Wysoccan

The Iberian Peninsula, located in the South-West of the European Continent, is well known for it´s
rich gastronomy, peculiar traditions and motley geography. Musically, throughout the ages Spain has
given birth to authentic geniuses that have deeply influenced the sonic panorama, pushing things forward,
and becoming ahead of their time.

Melting Pot Records breaks the standards once again, presenting this purely national product, solid proof of
the constant evolution taking place in the Spanish dnb scene.

"Monkey Business" not only opens the EP, but it also opens doors and windows allowing fresh air to run into your head. Xonora, the duo from Madrid, precisely construct this subtle piece of music full of emotivity & electricity that massages your neurons and make your ass feel lighter than a rolling paper.

The second cut could easily work as the perfect soundtrack for a night of urban interventions: "Opium" sounds like empty streets, sirens, chasings, paint rollers, spray cans.
Alien Kid (Bcn/London) & Tamen (Dublin/Bcn) locked themselves up in the studio and gave shape to this obscure pearl.

Mooncat needs no introduction since he´s a usual suspect in the Melting Pot roaster. He has developed a very particular neurodub sound full of personality, which clearly makes a difference from the actual overflow of cheesy raggajungle / dubwize releases coming out and filling up the crates. "Autumn Dub" combines with perfection the jamaican offbeat vibe with roaring reece basslines, calling to let your lion jump out.

"Wysoccan" is a hell of a complex exercise of composition and structure, that puts the listener´s ear in an awkward position. Something like this could only come out of a twisted mind such as Ibrah Malsum´s. If the first time you hear this tune you enjoy it: Congrats! You´re a true ninja warrior; if your mind rejects it instead, don´t give up but let me tell you: You still have a long way to go little grasshopper!.



A - Xonora - Monkey Business

B - Alien Kid & Tamen - Opium

C - Mooncat - Autumn Dub

D - Malsum - Wysoccan

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