Implant - "Math EP"

A - Crystal
B - Reduction
C - Vertical
D - Metatron

Like it or not, Music is Math.

Our man Implant from Croatia delivers this EP full of complex equations and abstract sequences.
Four tunes that´ll put your right hemisphere into problem solving mode while the left side wanders through obscure technologic landscapes.
Allow your cortex to evolve by getting hold of this release and blasting it at any given soundsystem.


Implant - Crystal

Implant - Reduction

Implant - Vertical

Implant - Metatron

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Born in 1984 in Split (Croatia), Implant comes from hardcore an metal background.
After a few years playing in several bands he decided to start working on electronic music and getting into all around music production.
At age of 16 he started to do some Hip-Hop, IDM and Dub projects but after a while he discovered DNB and started to do more and more DNB tunes.

Getting more into DNB world he got his first gig in club "Kocka" where he met VJ Xplode.
Then the LoopJunkies team was formed, the audio/visual team choosing noisy and fast type of music, mostly DNB.
They have been performing since 2004. starting at indie club "Quasimodo" with series of parties called "Loopjunkies attacking your town".
Now they are residents for drum and bass in club "Kocka" with series of DNB parties called "Karantena" where they had guests from all over world such as Black Sun Empire, The Sect, BTK, Purple Unit, Bad Company, Allied, Masheen, Danny Wheeler etc.
They are also the creators of DNB summer festival called "Burning the beach" with featured djs such as Loxy, Billain, Temper D, Codex, BTK and series of techno parties called "Projekt" and "Beatslap" program that was introducing new music.

2007 was a big year for Implant getting a first Croatian DNB release with his free EP "Get mad" on Black Hoe recordings, that was the start of his DNB career, he got signed on Nightmare recordings and releasing on 2 VA compilations with tunes as "Son of Satan", "I.Bitchbot" and "Drug abuse community".
Making collaborations with Zero Method, Kr4y, Identity, Treo and Recall he is starting to get appreciation from artists and DJs all over the world.

In 2008 he started to work as a sound technician and organizer in club "Kocka" and had a number of performed parties all over the Balkans, Ireland, Austria and Spain behind him.
He released his first bestseller on Digital Tunes, "Fuck the Funk" with Treo on Temper D productions.
Later on his "The addict EP" on Wayside got released and his "Angry motherfucker" and "Collaps" appeared on another Nightmare VA album.
In 2010 he released his first album called "The blue scout" with featured artists such as Identity, Treo, Recall & Kr4y.


Black Hoe recordings:

BH025 - Implant - Get Mad EP

A Get Mad
B Trash Cans

BH032EP Zero Method - Inferno Ep

Symbiotic (feat. Implant)

Nightmare recordings:

NMR004 - VA - "The Lustful"

Implant - Son of Satan
Implant - I.Bitchbot

NMR006 - VA - "3"

Implant - Drug Abuse Community

NMR007 - VA - "Hoarders & Wasters"

Implant - Angry motherfucker
Implant - Collapse

Temper D Productions:

Implant & Treo - Fuck the funk


Implant - The Addict EP

A) Amussia
B) Green
C) Smoke
D) Tryptamine

Implant - Blue scout LP

A) United colors of hate
B) Reflektor
C) Vicious sid
E) Hell of techno (feat. Identity)
F) Krusk (feat. Treo)
G) Smoke VIP
H) Upitnik
I) Neon Funk
J) Starstorm (feat K2 & Recall)
K) Criminal
L) Stealth (feat Kr4y)