[DIGIPOT07] Zardonic - Stop the Suffering / Alerte Rouge

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    Ez all,

    Venezuela's finest drum & bass export Zardonic has been making quite a name for himself of late
    with a string of successful releases & dubs that have gained support by the likes of Dieselboy, Counterstrike, John B & Pendulum...

    We're more than happy to welcome him to the Melting Pot Crew and for his first release with us he's brought out the heavy artillery.

    « Stop the suffering », in collaboration with Alcrani, is a sinister neuro roller that will churn your stomach with a disgustingly heavy bassline...
    ...just try not to be sick all over your equipment!
    If you recover from that 1st assault you may well get your brain fried by the flipside,
    « Alerte rouge », as the South American warlord teams up with Belgium's Peter Kurten
    to produce what can only be described as a relentless techno-dnb onslaught...
    You have been warned!!


    Available as from 8th June.

    Check out the audio clips & buy @ BEATPORT


    Hope you enjoy the release as much as we do

    Peace out,

    Melting Pot Crew