Difference between SL2 and SL3?


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Dec 2, 2010
Room 2 @ Fabric
Looking to invest very soon, Just wondering what major differences there is? Enough of a difference to warrant over £100 more on SL3?

Want opinions from people who have used them and can provide actual hands on feedback, rather than Rane going on about how amazing they are.

And would these differences really matter in a bedroom environment? Or at the very most, a very small club/house party environment?
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Hmm, in that case i'll wait til some stuffs sold on ebay and go for SL2, but if my interviews went well and i get the job, i'll go for SL3 lol.

I hate being on a budget :(

aint we all though :D
Thought about getting Serato, definitely about SL3, close friend has had it for a while now

I'd wait mate, save a few more pennies, you never know when you might want a 3rd deck
Doubt this is gonna be that helpful but i've had the SL3 for about two years now i think and its done me really well. Never used the SL2 so it could be comparable, however the SL3 has served me perfectly :)
Cheers. After some research and trialling the 2, think i'll go for SL3 as when i move out i might consider a 3rd 1210.
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