Dextems - Berserk EP [DIGIPOT25]

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    Melting Pot Records presents: Dextems - "Berserk EP"

    A - Berserk
    B - Citadel
    C - Revolver
    D - Diepte

    If the iron curtain hadn´t fallen and cold war was still on, Dextems would be KGB special agents,
    and this EP a nuclear bomb ready to blast the occidental-capitalist block.
    Not even the best antimissile shield is ready to stop this sonic attack.
    Their impeccable technique has lead them to output their tunes in important labels such as Future Sickness, Intransigent & Mindsaw,
    and now, we´re proud to present their first release on Melting Pot Records.


    A - Berserk
    B - Citadel
    C - Revolver
    D - Diepte



    Dextems are Eugene Piskov and Jaroslav Stolyarenko.
    It's Drum'n'Bass project from Samara city / Russia.
    This project was founded in 2006.
    Now guys are concetrating on Technoid and Techstep music also Eugene (Eupi) is workin on IDM, Funk and Trip-hop tunes.

    Also Jaroslav and Eugene are studing in Airspace University.
    Guys works with Space Rockets, Satellites, Airplanes and other high technologies
    and it renders influence for their music full of techno sounds and cycles, it's rolling like complex mechanism.

    Available at:

    I Think Music

    MPR Crew
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