Dexcell - Waxworks Podcast Guestmix


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For more info on Waxworks event check:

>Rido & Hybris - First Contact (Metalheadz)
>>Misanthrop - Sidereal (Neosignal)
>Kung - Fixation (Citrus)
>Place 2b - Rivendeil (Black Seeds Recordigngs)
>Dexcell - Advance (Tongue Flap Records)
>Sensa & Haste - The Place (Audio Danger Records)
>Mutated Forms - Last Time ft Jenna G (Allsorts)
>Nelver - Sky (Kill Inc)
>>Sonic - Saigon Taffic (Bingo)
>Loadstar - Berlin (Ram)
>>D Kay - Galaxy (Bingo)
>Dexcell & Photon - Array (Mastermind Dub)
>>Audio - Sanctum (Virus)
>Jubei - Alignment (Metalheadz)
>>Dexcell - Alternate (Simplify)
>Templecloud - One Big Family (Dexcell's 7am Remix) (Bootleg)
>>Nu:logic - Trademark (Hospital)
>Hybrid Minds - Patience (Fokuz Dub)
>>Dexcell - Midnight Circuit (Tongue Flap Records)
>Pendulum - Still Grey (Timeless)
>Matrix & Futurebound - Strength 2 Strength (Smooth Remix) (Viper Recordings)
>Dexcell - Disturb The Peace (Skimrok Records)
>Commix - Be True (Metalheadz)
>Dexcell - Something From Nothing VIP (Breach Recordings)
>>Nutone - Balaclava (Hospital)
>Lenzman - Lasers (Metalheadz)
>>Inztance - Principles (Hustle Audio)
>Rido - Focus (Metalheadz)
>Noisia and Phace - Program (Neosignal)
>Mutated Forms - Duct Taped (Grid Dub)
>>Break - Something New (Symmetry Recordings)
>Sub Focus - Stomp (Ram)
>>Commix - Faceless (Shogun)
>Hamilton - Brainstorm (Ram)
>Pilotpriest - Bodydouble (Phace Remix) (Neodigital)
>Hamilton - Soundboy VIP (Ram)
>>Dj Hazard - Busted (Playaz)
>Dexcell and Lethargik - Inna City (Dub)
>>Basher & Xtrah - Hubble (Subtitles Dub)
>Brookes Brothers - Snowman (BBK)
>Loadstar - Hit The Ground (Ram)
>>Chase & Status ft Plan B - Pieces (Ram)
>Talon - Move Your Feet (Breach Dub)
>Siren - Snorkel (Siren Records)
>>Culture Shock - Vice Chase (Ram)
>Rido - Exoplanet (Obsessions)
>>Spor - Clarets March (Lifted)
>Noisia - Diplodocus (Quarantine)
>Dexcell - People (Proximity Dub)
>Dexcell - Minimal Square (Proximity Dub)
>Grifta - Remember When (Sub Cartel)
>Spectrasoul - Lost Disciple (Shogun)
>Helios - First Dream Called Ocean (Stray Remix) (Med School)
>Beastie Respond - Syncopy (Teal Recordings)
>>Dexcell - Butterfly Effect VIP (Dub)
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Thats alot of moozik! pon the d'l for work tomorrow.

On a sidenote that templecloud remix you guys did is very nice, only just got round to listening to it (y)


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Sweet, is this waxworks as in the promoters who r based in kingston?

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oh yeah, it is, ive answered my own question, nice mix btw

Mish Mash

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biggles! The mixing in this is insanely tight! And I love how u used all the little pauses in First Contact

(ps I think u've missed commix - be true off the tracklisting just after your very own disturb the place)