Dexcell - This Crazy Town (NEW Track)

Dave Dexcell

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Aug 22, 2008
noob to Southampton!
Another new one from us, its a little differnt to what we normaly do but a keen little roller, hit us up with feedback, it would be most appreciated,

3rd track down on our myspace
Dexcell - This Crazy Town
Some proper feed back would be nice i.e is there anything u would change or add if it was your tune???? i like it when theres summin wrong then it gives me a reason to open the file again and make it better! lol
Ok, consumers opinion as oppposed to producers, it was solid sounding but it would be the support act rather than the showstopper.
Can't fault the sound but the musical side of it just didn't catch my attention. I might just be heading for the bar if this came on......(I think it's the bassline-melodically)
PS I'm saying this cos I think it's just the musical progression that needs working on.
good feed there man get wat ur sayin this is more of a roller tho wasnt really made to get complicated, kept it nice n simple not too much goin on for it to flow well in the mix. cheers for the comments!
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