Dexcell - Solar Plexus (Neuro/tech)

Pretty short mate. Could be better. Could be LONGER. lol
Couldn't think of anything to point out. Nice.
That was really good.
yeah boys thats not sounding half bad at all, i think it could do with some more of a change throughout tho it gets a bit samey after a while.

mix isnt too bad either

good work

each tune getting better and better :)
Thanks 4 the feedback man its finnished now that was just a clip of the first export i did.

The tune kinda makes me wanna get fuked on every drug known to man lol i wouldnt tho just makes me feel that way!
Only just got round to listening to it.

I really like it guys, really nice tight production on it. Sounds good nice and loud on my mackies :D

I like the punch on the kick, it really cuts through the mix nicely.
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