Detest - Hedon/Every Second [SICK017]

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    Detest - Hedon/Every Second [SICK017]


    Future Sickness Records presents his 17th vinyl release. This time Future Sickness welcomes Detest to the family! This record represents the whole range of typical Detest sound in two tracks. Dark, raw, varied , straight and always mixed with breaks. Both tracks possess melodies, atmospheric synths, deep basslines, flogging snares and a package full of sick kickdrums. They are still 2 complete different crossbreed tracks. The sound quality of the tracks are clear, loud and dominant. No doubt one of the best works of detest yet. This release is an instant dancefloor banger!

    A/ Detest - Hedon
    B/ Detest - Every Second

    Out now!

    Listen here:


    Future Sickness- Spookane Bankizz podcast


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