Desperatly seeking old track names


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I am seeking the name of a track and the artist name, it must be at least 8 years old or more

all a can remember are some of the lyrics and nothing comes up on the search for those lyrics

here is what i can remember

a didly didly whooy oh no no no no no
a didly whooy oh no no no no no
ohh yea oh yea ohh yeaaea
Bad boys in a london, rude boys in a brixton

Please help


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DJ Funk "Freaky Style Take : 1"
DJ Funk "The Original Video Clash"
DJ Funk "Trax From The Dark Side"
DJ Funk "Freaky Style Take : 2"
DJ Funk "Ghetto Style"
DJ Funk "Pussy Ride"
DJ Funk "Booty House Anthems"
DJ Funk "Let It Be House"
DJ Funk "Off The Hook"
DJ Funk "Da Booty Perk-U-Later"

"work it work it work it work it" :lol:

But the track your after is this:

It was repressed or reissued like 3 or 4 years ago. I didn't buy it but I wish I did simply so that I can make a nice classics mix of tracks like this. At this point I don't care so much. When I first heard this track I hated it wish a passion because the amens sounded too fast and theres no bass to the amens at all, its all midrange and hi end which sounds wrong.
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