Desert Storm - The Best of, 1994

why is it uploaded as single tracks???

This is how the CDs came mate. I've numbered them so they are in the right order and makes it easier to know what DJ it is. If you want a 1 long continuous track, you can import them into a program like Sound Forge or Audio Cleaning Lab and just splice the tracks together.
Thats a shitter, no download for me then, what ever joiner i use still leaves a very tiny milisecond gap which sounds like a skip, shame.

These sets aren't sequential. Bits were recorded at various different Desert Storm events. By bits, I mean Mickey Finn plays one track, then it cuts off to a recording from another night of Randall playing maybe a couple of tunes. So you have an array of different DJs playing snippets of their sets. Basically they aren't continuous.
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