Desert Eaglez Podcast Series Volume 2 mixed by Spiralus

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    Desert Eaglez Podcast Series Volume 2 mixed by Spiralus

    The second installment of our podcast series comes direct from the tables of the one like Spiralus.

    Each member of the mighty Desert Eaglez crew will be recording a mix for this series.

    -Be on the lookout for mixes from -

    Non-Compliance ( - Desert Eaglez Podcast Series Volume 1)
    Mandy Faye
    Carmen Vega (will be doing two mixes!!!)
    DJ Zac Maniac

    -Sprialus' info-

    DJ Spi-ral, known as Jaxx by the anime community, became a DJ 3 years ago.
    “I was listening to other DJ’s mix and I felt they had no soul in their music.”
    As a result, he decided to get some turntables of his own. DJ Spi-ral hasn’t looked back since.

    Now, with a full head of steam, armed with the rest of the Spiral Powered Records crew, he has taken a step towards the production side of music.
    “Music has become my life. It went from listening, to mixing, to producing.”
    When DJ spi-ral plays a show, he drops the bass so fierce you won’t know what hit you.

    For bookings, and other inquiries:


    1. Callide & Intraspekt - Axis
    2. Task Horizon - Shattered Self feat. MC Spyda
    3. Spiralus - Jamajung
    4. Mozrt & Spiralus - Gun Smoke
    5. DC Breaks - Proton
    6. Matrix & InsideInfo - Quattro
    7. Hamilton - You Had It
    8. Silent Code - Cold ft MC Zadok
    9. Camo & Krooked - Feel Your Pulse (Mind Vortex Remix)
    10. Spiralus - Chains of the Past (Unmastered, Non Vocal version)
    11. Rockwell - Detroit
    12. Judgement Day - Telekinesis
    13. Swag - DC Breaks
    14. Friction & Scream - Kingpin (ft. Scrufizzer, P Money & Riko Dan) (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)
    15. Birdy Nam Nam - Goin' In (Skrillex "Goin' Hard" Mix)
    16. Far Too Loud - Moneymaker
    17. Urban Assault - Halloween
    18. DZ & Spenca - Bad Boy Bass
    19. Cause4Concern - Headroom (Audio VIP)
    20. Jade - Red Sky
    21. Maztek - What We Bring feat. Nuclear MC
    22. Audio - Bag of Bones
    23. Infiltrate - Data
    24. Frankee - Black Heart
    25. Spiralus - My Vision