dequo - first 'tune' up. feed me your back


Sep 30, 2008
sup everyone. been messing around with production for bout 6 months now. the tune on my myspace in sig i made the last couple days when im meant to be studying for uni haha, jus a cut from before the first drop. one of the first ones i think i might get around to finishing so looking for some feedback before i finish the rest off.

also i know i compressed/limited the fuck out of it heh any tips on getting stuff to sound loud and punchy without them, i hear using them loses dynamics but it just sounds so much better...

im aiming for sorta neurofunk vibe. dont want the vox in final version jus put them in for some fun/ something to please ur ears considering theres not really a lead melody atm.

oh yeh feel free to add me too. 2 friends sucks
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