Depth of Vision EP (Vol.3) - Out Today on AutomAte

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    The Depth Of Vision EP serieshas thus far offered an incisive look through the AutomAte vaults at some of their exceptional breakthrough artists. This latest chapter aims to showcase two sides of a stylistic coin, placing old-school vibe-led pieces directly alongside punchy modern productions, demonstrating that it takes all sorts to feed a healthy scene.

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    Fon, older brother & partner of the legendary Facs, opens the EP with Mistaken Coincidence: a dark, pensive journey through chunky breakbeats and heavily timestretched textures. The Biotic Records stalwart’s mastery of the sampler is fully evident here, ably presented by the weighty yet laid-back production style of mix engineer Phormz.

    Joe ‘PRTCL’ London made his AutomAte debut on Volume 1 of this very EP. He follows up here with a stripped-back, infectious jaunt relying on cheeky, offbeat bass and an extremely lively-sounding percussion section to deliver a heads-down 5am vibe.

    Beaton’s offering Phantom brings an unashamedly old-school rollin’ vibe, combining relatively sparse lows and good ol’ fashioned breathing space with skittish highs and energetic atmosphere, beautifully interwoven.

    Scottish newcomer Maze draws this chapter to a close with the thoroughly modern and delightfully insane I Want To Live. This fully charged, schizophrenic duracell bunny with boundless energy will have them bouncing off walls and skanking in the aisles.

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