Depth of Vision EP (Vol.2) - Out Today on AutomAte

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    A collection of tracks from exceptional breakthrough artists. The Depth Of Vision EP (Vol. 2) is a short but incisive look through the AutomAte vaults at some of their finest new deep and techy drum & bass.

    Collecting severe, cutting edge d&b is an obsession for the AutomAte crew. Pushing the boundaries of the genre, each artist signed to their triumvirate of labels offer a new outlook on modern drum and bass.

    Utopia by UK based collective D.R.O.P.S picks up where they left off in Vol.1. A laid-back, upbeat roller with heavy sub blasts, dark undertones and sweeping melodic touches. Built for sets with the dancefloor in mind.

    On a darker tip, the aptly named Gully takes us down a paranoid delusional rabbit-hole. Cambridge duo None Decay don’t mince words on their AutomAte debut, unleashing a swirling storm of half-time hell-fire.

    Speaking of AutomAte debuts, Beaton’s offering Something From The Jungle brings a decidedly old-school vibe. A stepper combining deep lows with quick skitterish highs and sumptuous atmospherics, beautifully interwoven.

    Romanian Ruffie brings the EP to a close in his usual fashion. Strife lays out a cold, bleak, alien landscape of metallic breaks, punchy house bass and eerie, sci-fi sampling. A unique take on an old-school feel, it's more soundtrack than set-filler.

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