Drum & Bass Depth of Vision EP (Vol.1) - coming 5/8/13 on AutomAte


It seems only natural that some of this collection of exceptional breakthrough artists should be shared. The Depth Of Vision EP (Vol. 1) is a short but incisive look through the AutomAte vaults at some of their finest new deep, techy d&b.


Collecting severe, cutting edge d&b is an obsession for the AutomAte crew. Pushing the boundaries of the genre, each artist signed to their plethora of sister labels offer a new outlook on modern drum and bass.

Track one - “The Catalyst” by new UK based collective D.R.O.P.S is an eerily emotive roller, strewn with heavy bass blasts and sweeping melodic touches to break through the laid-back beats. Built for sets with darkness in mind.

Digital Goon appears as his own techy d&b doppelgänger Vince Grain. A man unafraid to mince breaks, “Roswell Eyewitness” is a strung-out paranoia-stepper focused hard on tech-tight percussion and minimal beats. With barely a melody other than disconcertingly calm atmospherics, it'll creep under your skin through the speakers.

Joe 'Protocol' London has been very busy over the past few months creating impressively intricate beats. Although fairly new to the game, his sound has a techy polish, burnishing his solid stepping beats with constant tension and a hi-tuned sheen.

Finally, Ruffie might be a new face on the scene but he creates some of the hardest-hitting minimal tracks in the 170+ game. “Refugee” combines sci-fi sampling and industrial percussion to build an old-school sounding track with an unexpected freshness. As weighty house bass pushes through jumpy near-silent sections; it's more soundtrack than set-filler.

For more info, contact Katie: k.taylor.cronshaw@gmail.com

Press Release: http://www.mediafire.com/?4juaecjejw7ta6j