Deprave & The Fear Remix / Experimental

deprave: awesome pads, made those yourself? Like the creepy/eerie vibe of the track. Nice and minimal. Drums are nice. Very nice production.

Silent dreams: same thing with the pads, very nice! Drums are nice too, but i find there is too much reverb on the snare after it drops. The reese-ish bass is a bit too harsh imo. It could do with some more eq-ing to take some of that harshness away.

Overall: You have a very nice style, like it alot! All the elements fit nicely together. Production also very well done, some cleaning here and there and you got yourself some good tracks! Looking forward to hear more stuff.
Thanks man.. Yeah i spend alot of time creating weird moody pads.. mainly use Spectrasonics omnisphere for them.

Apreciate the good feedback.. i think i'll take your advice and work on Silent dreams more. If you use aim.. PM me your name & i'll send over the tracks when there done.
Deprave- Really good pads, fx etc, but the drop is a bit unclear. It almost seems like it doesn't drop til that mid bass comes in, i think it could definitely be structured better.

The Fear- It sounds some of the elements added to the original are clashing a lot note-wise. Overall the mix sounds quite murky to me. Doesn't really work for me, just my opinion tho!!!!!!!
Cheers for listening.. my idea on Deprave wasnt to make it drop.. i wanted to create something abit deeper with a few dubstep elements. the track isnt finished so maybe i'll keep your comments in mind ;)

i like hearing peoples opinions. the Lily remix was just something i done while bored.. your proberly right about the mix. thanks for the reply man !
Do people really buy this stuff ?

I have a very open mind to music.

sorry if i offend anyone.. but this is ridiculous.

Lol mate, having a bad day? :P

Solitude, I have only listened to solitude - mainly because it is one of my priorities in life to keep away from anything that would bring me a glimpse of that thing called Lily.

But solitude is a great track, absolutely loved the atmospheres you manage to cramp there, and it has a mild reznory presence that might push this to something sellable to the videogaming industry IMHO... (there Rocksteady, SOMEONE might buy this!)...

The claps sound a bit too much "in ya face" imho, and some extra qaing to get rid of higher freqs would be appreciated.

But overall, great track, keep em comin! :)
Do people really buy this stuff ?

I have a very open mind to music.

sorry if i offend anyone.. but this is ridiculous.

the difference is.. if you were to say this.. id take it as your opinion.

at the end of the day i said what i thought.. not the best of words but fuck it.

slate my music.. your welcome to !
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