Density - Who Want's Some?/Nightfall


Jan 3, 2003
As soon as I heard the bass kick in this one my jaw dropped and molded itself in to a grin. It's hard to know where the kick starts and the bass begins with this bruiser. Out of the usual array of hi hats and loops, the track crunches on through via some heavily clipped and processed snares. After a short breakdown where Density ask's "who wants some?" the track blazes in to life rolling over people left right and centre. A stepping groove to be reckoned with his the main focus of the track keeping the bashment massive happy and the attack on the bass and it's subsequent wobble is both dangerous and innovative. Bruising.

Nightfall is not as full on but just as dark. With a beat from the Shadowboxing school of techstep and a sub to be feared this strolls through the shadows, assassins blade poised to strike the unwary listener. The knife of the track glints in the twilight as some vintage analogue stabs abstract themselves from the opaque nastiness and leave a bitter almond taste in the mouth. The beat rises again from the mire and the track is complete. The only question arising from this release is who is it by? A point speculated on by many a forum member.
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