Delta - Sequence


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So, I went to a dnb rave last week, and I heard a massive tune. That got me to make this one.
(if anyone knows a tune like this one, please tell me! No, it's not that Enei one. London Electricity spinned it)

So, leave some feedback, let me know what you think
(it's still set as private, because I'm not to happy about the mastering yet, so click the link)

Manu Forti

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Im loving this especially the intro (totally reminds me of ed solo subway)... the snare rolls are huge and well executed. as mentioned before that kick is a little too overpowering but i feel it fits the song, its kinda like a gabber kick and i like it that way tbh id rather listen to this than some nuero stuff because this is just so much more... well back to basics... A proper jungle track, well done!

Since this isnt reeally my expertise im unsure how you could improve it try some different kicks, try and eq the bass a little better but in all honesty it might lose its appeal if you go too far.