Delphonik/Hpd - Contain erase/counterproductive D.A.R.001


Jul 23, 2006
Finally after years of planning and looking for the right producers we are very excited to bring you DARKAUDIO RECORDINGS.
Our plan is to showcase our artists many production talents. Allowing them room to be creative and to show their many styles of production. So one release maybe hard and dark but the next could be liquid.
We will be working only with our chosen artists to start to help focus on individual needs.
So who did we choose to work with?
DELPHONIKS - Hailing from the USA and having seen releases on many other labels.We are very excited and proud to have him signed exclusively to DARK AUDIO. More known for his hard hitting drums we have lined up a few surprises from this rising producer.
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D.T.A - Is a producer we've long been a fan of. He has released on labels like Mindsaw, Twistednoize, Cyb drum, combat recordings and Black hoe plus many others to date. He will be bringing his unique heavy sound to Dark Audio.
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MARUKOMU - With his dark rolling style he will be bringing his old skool flex to the label. 2009 will be the year he finally gets the attention he deserves from the scene.
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So we are very proud to announce our first by our exclusive signing Delphonik........



delphonik brings the dirt with the his first tune on dark.
CONTAIN ERASE takes off with a deep dark wasteland of sound and the floating sci-fi sound scape lures you in to the fray,Vocal snaps bring it down to the deep level which you know is coming,then,bam
the onslaught of breaks and bass takes your head of with intricate edits and low down nasty vibe,its sure do destroy dance floors and minds!


COUNTERPRODUCTIVE comes on the flip with an almost laboratory vibe,the sci-fi vocal snippets and fx bring you in to the fold and takes you to the drop,the relentless pulsing bass and almost roller vibe brings it on with fantastic break snippets and edits and an unstoppable head nodder vibe,guaranteed dance floor devastation.

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Radio and Dj Support comes from...........
Twistedbeats (Twistedsessions, Therapysessions, nrftw)
Sicknote (Violent tendencies, Darkwax)
Beast (Violent tendencies, Darkwax)
Xzist (Violent tendencies, Darkwax)
Philbee (Twistednoize, Fusion, Techno dnb)
Nakwan ( Twistedsessions fr, Subversif)
Co.jak (Obsession fm)
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