DeLarge - Second Nature


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Jun 7, 2010
Like it man! Bassline is on point! Wasnt sure about the sound that comes in about 1:07 sounded a bit odd? Apart from that great track mate!

Thanks man and re the sound around the 1.07 mark I was just trying to fill out the track, so I might have thrown something a bit random in there! Thanks for the feedback dude!

That's some funky percussion! Keeping it fresh with the switch ups too, bass is hitting hard in my earbuds. I really don't have anything to suggest on this at all. Great work :D

Thanks man, the good feedback makes it all worth it :D

It's nice!A bit m0n0t0n0us but i liked it!

Thanks man, anything you would do differently?


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Jun 2, 2017
Katerini Greece
I w0uld try t0 experiment with the beat a little m0re!
S0me fills,s0me half timed temp0s and s0me pauses w0uld d0 the j0b i guess!
I think that's what makes the track s0und m0n0t0n0us at least in my 0pini0n!


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Jan 9, 2014
turn the vocal up a bit in the intro id say, great into tho

are those the hardcore harry - S.P.Y bongos?
yes they are! hahaha

Great vibe going on. was hoping for a lil more on the drop but it moves along nicely man.
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