Deep Tech Boutique from SHARP

Liya A.

New Member
Yet another no-nonsense pack for deep-tech producers and studio professionals alike; a brand new collection of highly useful loops, sounds and MIDI files, perfect for combining, layering and having fun with, in your DAW of choice.

Use your favorite filter plugins to tweak these riffs or lowpass those basslines into a sub-bass domain where they work their best.

You can layer these kicks and get some super-kicks, or do the same with claps, snares, percussion or hats.

These loops are inter-compatible, mix-ready and perfectly produced which makes them ideal for quickly constructing fat contemporary house grooves.

Try playing them LIVE or simply use them to create your next underground club hit.

So if you're looking for a well made collection of high-class deep-tech sounds, look no further and check out this pack.

Produced by Ray Saul.