Deep Tech Boutique 2 - NEW - Sample Pack from SHARP!

Liya A.

New Member
We are proud to present a sequel to the popular series, a fresh new pack of beautifully produced loops and single-shot sounds at your immediate disposal. Following the latest trends in Deep-Tech genre, these sounds are inspiring and easy to work with.
They've been processed with great care, by our in-house producer Ray Saul, in order to bring you the crunchiest, warmest analog sound on the market.
'Deep Tech Boutique 2' brings a batch of new material for you to work with, this time neatly organized in corresponding "loop groups".
Each groove comes with two different "track suggestions" for you to develop further.

This way you have a tight selection of compatible loops which are quick to browse through and are always in key.

Obviously, you can mix and match them any way you want, or use just those sounds that fit your track the best.
They have common markings which makes it easy to see which loops correspond to each other.
In the pack you'll find a selection of beats (or "Grooves") with a number of corresponding percussion, bass and music loops.
We also threw in a set of useful MIDI files so that you can re-create some of the sounds yourself.
Mix-ready and fun to play with, these sounds are a 'must have' addition to your sample collection. If you want to sound professional and "expensive" - look no further.

• 20 x Bass Loops
• 70 x Drum Loops
• 60 x Musical Loops
• 20 x Percussion Loops
• 50 x Single Drum Samples
• 29 x MIDI files
• 417MB of content
• 249 files in total
• WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.
• All sounds from the demo are included
• 100% Royalty-Free

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