Deep Podcast - The Producers Series #01 - Calibre mixed by Marcio Martinez

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    Welcome to the first edition of Deep Podcast - The Producers Series

    Randomly a major producer will be chosen to receive a tribute here.

    And in this edition, as it could not be different chosen to start that series was Dominick Martin aka Calibre.

    Mixed by Marcio Martinez

    Presence feat. Shara Nelson - Sense Of Danger (Calibre Remix)
    Calibre - Go Back To Go Forward
    SpectraSoul feat. Tamara Blessa - Away With Me (Calibre Remix)
    Calibre - Mr Right On
    Calibre - Electric Soul
    Calibre - Filter Tune
    ST:Cal - Back Again
    Calibre & Singing Fats - Drop It Down
    Calibre & dBridge - Ponderosa
    Calibre - Need It, Want It
    Calibre feat. Lariman - True Beat
    Total Science - Juicy Fruit (Calibre Remix Part 2)
    Calibre - Touch Me
    Nu:tone - Our House (Calibre’s Lounge Remix)
    Calibre - Cold Halo
    Breach - Jack (Calibre Remix)
    Calibre - Feeling Happy
    Calibre - Who’s Singing
    Calibre - Dirty Mind
    Jaheim - Put That Woman First (Calibre Vocal Mix)
    Calibre - Xtras
    Mist:i:Cal - Groove Me
    Calibre - Highlander
    Calibre - All The Days
    Submorphics - Organ Grinder (Calibre Remix)
    Calibre - Got To Have You
    Un-Cut - Chinese Silk (Calibre Remix)
    Calibre - Crazy
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    Woah woah woah woah!! Chinese Silk Calibre remix!

    Whoever this dude is who chucked this together they definitely have deep pockets or an obsession for quality selection.

    On this Eurotide - looks absolutely spot on.
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