Deep, moody, dnb story about the couple who tried but couldn't

Deep, moody, dnb story about the couple who tried but couldn't *URL FIXED*

This mix tells the story of the stormy demise of a relationship. Things are going fine for the two to begin with, but there is an ominous undertone that foreshadows the coming friction.

As they start to acknowledge that their relationship is deteriorating, they make individual attempts to repair it and pledge their love to each other. A see saw of 'loves me, loves me not' begins.

Neither words or actions align, and try as they might to cling to what they had, they start to lose their grip. Their folly comes from working against each other instead of with. They never agree on a solution, or even what the problem really was, and they exhaust themselves of the will to carry on.

Her heart breaks first. Emotionally drained and desparate for an end to the frustration, she severs their ties and leaves him for good.

The end sees not just the separation of the two, but a gentle solace through the comfort of closure and acceptance of a new reality.

They were never meant to be together. They did not have the strength to overcome.

This is the story of the couple who tried, but couldn't.

***Technical side note: There are a few 'mistakes' left in on purpose to create an organic tension and release. It took 4 months and over a hundred takes to get this to sound the way I wanted it, so if you can hear it - its meant to be there. Thanks for listening.


##. Artist - Track (Mix) [Label]

01. Anile - Never Together [Deep Soul Music]
02. Logistics - When It Rains, It Pours [Hospital]
03. Blu Mar Ten - All Thoughts Are Prayers [Blu Mar Ten]
04. Duo Infernale - Playing Games (Drifter rmx) [Horizons]
05. Grasp the Erro feat. Shamik - You [Unsigned]
06. D Bridge feat. Vegas - True ROmance [Metalheadz Platinum]
07. Nuage + Gerwin - Back In The Moments [Fokuz]
08. Electrosoul System - Feel Good [Kozmanuk]
09. Sunchase - Moulded (Cutworks rmx) [Drone Audio]
10. Sunchase - Moulded [Drone Audio]
11. Mortem - Whispers (VIP Mix) [IM:Ltd]
12. Psidream feat. Hadley Poole - Inner Strength [Fokuz Ltd]
13. Chris Su - Solaris (VIP mix) [Subtitles]
14. Duo Infernale - The Mirage [Work In Progress]
15. Hybrid Minds - I'm Through [Audioporn]
16. RObert Manos - Madness [Secret Operations]
17. D Minds feat. Charlotte James - I Am Bad [D-Style]
18. Sub Zero - [Playaz]
19. Nu:Tone feat. Kyan - Broken [Hospital]
20. J Majik + Wickaman - Ritual [Metalheadz]
21. Sabre, Stray, Halogenix feat. Frank Carter III - Oblique [Critical]
22. Spectrasoul - Alibi [Critical]
23. Friction feat. McLean - Someone (Rockwell rmx) [Shogun Audio]
24. Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Nu:Tone rmx) [Hospital]
25. Breakage - Foundation [Digital SOundboy]
26. Joe Goddard feat. Valentina - Gabriel (Calibre rmx) [DFA]
27. Break - Trying [Shogun Audio]
28. Hybrid Minds - Real Life [Audioporn]
29. Unquote - Grief Will Never Descend From Her Face [Medschool]
30. Synkro - Departure [Medschool]
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This wasn't bad, man! I had an idea for a mix along these lines a bit back but abandoned it. I like how the mix is used to tell the story, and how the mood progressively builds and fades. There was an overall vibe to the mix that I was enjoying, save for one or two tunes that I felt didn't really work, but I'll mention that in a bit.

Some bits that stood out; That intro was lovely, completely forgot about that Anile tune, but it seems like it didn't sound right getting mixed in with that Logistics tune. I will have to pick up the Grasp the Erro bit as well, as I was really feeling that one alot. I like how some of these tunes are going quite a ways back, like that Psidream tune. Was really happy to hear some of these older tunes working well in the mix with newer bits, like that tune with the Solaris VIP.

Mirage > I'm Through > Madness > I Am Bad was probably my favorite bit. Really dug how those tunes worked together to create a lovely vocal mood. Also a big fan of Protection afterwards! Oblique > Alibi > Someone also gets a shout for me too because I really dig all those tunes and the really help in a mix with this mood. Get the vibe of a couple struggling immediately from those tunes.

As much as I love Foundation, I didn't think it fit overall with the rest of the mix, and the mixing with it actually threw me off quite a bit. Same can go for Moulded and the Cutworks remix. Something about the vibe and energy on those tunes didn't really seem to fit the sad but warm feeling of the rest of the mix. It was a little too brooding a little too quick, I think. Maybe I could be wrong.

Finally, the Unquote tune at the end is brilliant, but it is made all the better when ended with Synkro. That vibe at the end was supposed to sort of be the catharsis of the mix, and I got that feeling quite a bit from how they work together.

My only other concern is a technical question, as I noticed times in the mix where the audio would just drop out completely. Were you trying to test or tease the next tune and drop the volume, or was there another reason? I only ask because after a few times it started to strike me a bit and I was just curious behind the reasoning.

Overall, for a first mix I've heard from you, greatly ambitious project, dig it alot. Would like to see what else you've got in store for us! Cheers!
Wow thanks for the thorough review, HAB, I'm glad it grabbed you enough to care to write something about it. I updated the thread with an overview of the story for the impatient listeners out there (of which I would normally be one), but I'm also glad that i was able to communicate the idea properly without it.

I had over 100 tunes I had chosen to work through with this one, and left things a bit sudden in places because I thought that an entirely smooth and gradual flow was almost inappropriate. Originally it was like that but I wasn't satisfied. My intention was to create something that is somewhat non-linear and maybe a bit uncomfortable in places to more closely mimic reality. Most relationships don't devolve that clearly, so I thought it was a bit too pedestrian to make it all smooth and lovely the whole way through because that would be disingenuous to the story.

Thanks for your feedback overall, I really wanted to evoke both positive and negative feelings in people with this mix so I'm really glad I was able to do both!

I'm not really sure about the audio dropouts though - do you have times you could pm me?

Oh, and I've put about 100 other mixes and podcasts up here over the years but nothing recently, and not on this vibe. The next one from me will be called 'Smashy Smashy' and will be pretty much the opposite of this entirely.

Thanks :D