Deep liquid 17/03/08

Here's a short mix I just recorded with one CDJ and one 1210 (cn't afford another ar the mo). Just wanted some feedback on what people think....track choice, mixing in general, anything really. feel free 2 say such thing as bad criticism. Cheers.

Track Listing:

Breathless - Break & Hydro
What I Feel - Calibre
Peace Of Mind - Atlantic Connection
? - Alix Perez(?)-Shogun Assasins EP
Everything's Different (Calibre Remix) - High Contrast
Under The Bridge - Eveson & Lomax
Changing Faces - Bcee & Lomax
Reality Checkpoint - Logistics
Turn This Way - Will Miles
Root's Train - Commix
Down The Line feat. Fats - Alix Perez
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