Drum & Bass Deep DnB Mix hosted on Deeper Vibrations

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    Originally i put this mix together for the "RAM Brixton mix competition",but come to find out they would only allow UK residents to submit.The comp "winner'' will be opening the RAM Brixton event,so they wanted a mix that encompasses what a opening set should sound like.I ended up slicing off the last 14 min's,b/c it was getting into the heavier type sound(which is what i was thinking the "Ram" crowd would want)but since i could not enter,i feel the mix sounds better w/o the last 14 min's.That is ONE reason i call it "Changes". It also "changes" into alot of different styles of deeper dnb music as i did not play any producer more than once.There are many other appropriate reason's for the title,but i will let you come up w/ your own synchronicity's ;)
    I hope you enjoy the final result:)

    -recorded on two Pioneer 850's//Pioneer Djm400 mixer//two thumb drive's//Zoom H1 recorder
    **No Computer

    -Toby One-Halfway
    -Kryptic Minds-Burnt to Ashes
    -Reso-Check 1,2(Danny Scrilla remix)
    -Loxy+Isotone-Ancients(Skeptical remix)
    -Calibre-Start Again(ft Chimpo)
    -Fracture(ft Dawn Day Night)-Sick Wid It
    -Gunston(ft Gossip Mc)-420 Times
    -Outer Heaven-Burried
    -_- Bredren-The Black Lung
    -Inertia-Sweet Chili
    -Minor Rain-Templar
    -Jay Mythix-Lost Soul
    -Andy Pain+Z Connection-Out of Place
    -Rido-They Think That
    -Hybris-The Cleaner(VIP)
    -M-Zine+Scepticz(w Detail)-Reflexions