dEEb Presents: Below C Level - Everyday Junglist Podcast - (08/10/13)

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    Very serious track selection, a few dated tunes even some new tunes. Staying true to that big bass sound and the occasional amen but not so chopped. Rhythm, a 2 hour ride of extended tunes and serious mixing. Junglists, this tape is for you.

    It's to long to upload on so I uploaded it here! ez

    Stream: HERE
    Download: HERE

    Version - Call On Me 
    Version - Everyday 
    2N Pull Up Dat 
    Jaydan - Skankout 
    Zed Bias - Neighbourhood (Logistics Remix) 
    Nu Elementz & Dub Motion - Ragga Skank 
    Camo & Krooked - Lets Go 
    Hold Tight- Gold 
    Loxy & Ink - Amazon 
    P.A. - The Shogun 
    P.A. - Iron Fingers 
    Cabbie - More Like Classic 
    Serum - Ammo Dump (Alternative Mix) 
    Interface - Get Lo 
    Dialogue - Do It Again 
    Tyke - Oblong 
    Tyke - THX Dub 
    Dialogue - Good To Go 
    Dialogue and Total Recall feat. Smoak - Prevention 
    2N - We Are The SoundKillaz 
    Kre and Basshoven - Badman 
    Decimal Bass - User Friendly 
    Camo & Krooked - The Escape 
    Konichi - Shillings 
    Dialogue feat. Smoak - Tell The World 
    Friction & K-Tee - Set It Off 
    Serum - Computerised 
    Nu Elementz - Sugar Rush 
    Nu Elementz - Cyclone 
    Rowney - Cheek Of It 
    Decimal Bass - How To Jive 
    Phantom Warrior - Loreley 
    Alpha feat. Marga MC - Code Red 
    Natural Error - Wu Tang Sword 
    Nu Elementz - Dementia 
    Muk - Ten Tongues 
    Dark Entity - Straight From Bolivia 
    Ruffstuff, Friller & Nu Elementz - Gatts 
    Jaydan - Sadsack 
    Capone - Friday 
    Pleasure & Origin - Hubba Bubba 
    Serum - Rat Trap (VIP Mix) 
    Malachai & Voltage - A Bunch of Fives 
    Harvest & Decimal Bass - Is It Possible