DECONTROL & Terry Dux- "SINISTER" Promo Mix

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    DECONTROL & Terry Dux- "SINISTER" Promo Mix

    77:34 192 kbps 177MB

    Noisia- Crush Him (Division)
    -->Prolix feat. MC Coppa- On Like That (PLAYAZ)
    Counterstrike- Pulverize (Algorythm)
    Sinister Souls- Tuh Tuh Duh (PRSPCT)
    -->Nitrogenetics- Train of Thought (Hardcore Blasters)
    Alexander Head- Hardcore Bootleg *FREE DOWNLOAD!
    Proton Kid- No Sleep (Hardlogik Rmx) (Section 8)
    -->DECONTROL & Terry Dux- Brutal Sadistic *FREE DOWNLOAD!
    Counterstrike- Cut You Into Pieces VIP (Algorythm)
    -->Hallucinator- Kill 'em All (PRSPCT)
    -->Hardlogik- Bumba Club (Melting Pot)
    Hellsystem- Devil Face (Hardcore Blasters)
    DECONTROL & Terry Dux- Tide's Up *unreleased
    -->C-Netik- Judgement (PRSPCT)
    Machine Code- 93 Million Miles (Subsistenz)
    Sinister Souls- Rise Again (Algorythm)
    Ghast & DECONTROL- Ghost in the Machine (Onset Audio)
    Donny/CV ft Mc Cidinho Y Doca - Symptomless Coma (Munchi's VIP) *FREE DOWNLOAD!
    -->RASKL- Elevator Music (Abducted)
    Bratkilla- Berzerker (Abducted)
    Loop Stepwalker feat. eRRe- Release Your Rage (PRSPCT)
    DECONTROL & Terry Dux- Machine of War *unreleased
    Angerfist- Desecrated (Masters of Hardcore)
    Korsakoff- Voices (Various Tunes)
    DECONTROL & Terry Dux- Invasion *unreleased
    Sinister Souls- Evasive (Algorythm)
    -->Technical Itch feat. Robyn Chaos- No Longer Human (Tech Itch)
    Lights Off- Only You Can See (DJ Hidden Dark Version) (Hidden Tracks)