Decks problem!


Feb 8, 2008
1 channel is a bit louder than the other, the quiter channel isnt that must worse but its pretty annoying because my setup is quiet enuf as it is! Is there anything i could do to fix this? I thought the problem couldv come from the crossfader not working properly because its played up b4. Any help would b greatly appreciated.

Joey AdhD

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Apr 2, 2008
Liverpool, United Kingdom
could be a few things mate,

on needle/stylus could be queiter then the other (check connections on the back, 4 coloured wires are all connect properly)

make sure your phonos from your decks are not intermitant, or in other words fucked.

you balance on your amp and mixer doesnt favour one side, left or right.

i had this problem at it was the little wires going into my stylus were lose. give us a shout if ya need anymore help bro.


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Jan 16, 2009
Hang on

I have realised I have this problem, I recently got a new mixer, but not sure if it because of that? I just alter the gain a bit to try and get the volume the same, but it is annoying.

I did some experimenting, putting a vinyl I notice the problem with on both decks to see if it is the needle, I have had my decks for more than a year and have never put new needles on so I thought one could be wearing?


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May 23, 2008
All down to a process of elimination, like any type of problem solving.

1) Start at the needles, switch them over etc..
2) Then check the deck, i.e switch the cables over on your mixer..
3) Now check cables from the deck, switch them if you can.
4) and so on so forth

Just work methodically and you'll work it out, simples ;)
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