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Oct 8, 2008
Perth, Western Australia
selling my pride and joy, my 2x direct drive decks. there sonys, theyre like a cheap version of technics, very reliable. on these are some shure m44-g, i will also chuck in 10 dnb vinyl and a broken, but usable 3 channel mixer (i use it, just a few wiggly bits here n there)


also selling an 1000w amp and audio intimidation int115 speakers x 2. excellent for both bedroom and small venue use. (small venue as in large house party)



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will sell the decks, 2 mixers, some decent sony headphone and 6 vinyl for 180, last offer.

they come with Shure m44G carts as well, theyre really good sound quality and good grip for scratching. all cables etc included
jesus christ, everyone can stop slating my sale or what, just coz they havent got technis written all over them theryre just as good

and i have never seen technics go for that on ebay, or any where near!
cheers for pm but im doing £100 as my final offer, and local delivery only unless people want to pay for delivery, thes decks go for around 150 on ebay without the mixer or carts. so your getting a bargain
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