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    Mar 11, 2009
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    basically atm I have two numark tt200s which serve me very well !
    however I have recently started mixing house as well, and as I am going to uni this september I realised I will not be able to afford vinyl for a very long time
    I now am deciding whether to by a pcdj setup (reloop or something kinda setup) or maybe cdjs..... I want to continue mixing both dnb and house, I don't think I'll bring my numarks to uni as they are pretty big and delicate.. I have a budget of round £1000..... no idea what to do !

    also.... if I get a controller thing for computer need to be able to play it in clubs/bars, and I have no idea about specs on cdjs as have never even tried them !
    if someone could help me who knows about these things would be much appreciated ! thank you very much !