December 97 mix


Aug 13, 2002
Glasgow, Scotland
Just been clearing out some stuff and found a wicked old tape I recorded in Dec 97 - nice evil stuff! :) So ripped it in and MP3'd it and hey presto here it is!
Quality isn't amazing as the tape is almost dead but the tunes are fecking amazing!

(I think I might have uploaded this mix before actually! Found lotsa old mixtapes of mine - will record some more of em in for some more late 90's darkness :))

A -
B -

A side

"1st Judgement" - USA/John B (Countries)
"Square Waves" - Genotype (Renegade Hardware)
"The Living Machine" - Level 3 (Liftin Spirits - I think?)
"No Mistake" - Concept 2 (Ram)
"Stealth" - The Vagrant (Fuze)
"Shadow Boxing (rmx)" - Nasty Habits (31)

B side

"The Shining" - Ed Rush & Optical (Metro)
"Dead by Dawn (The Final Chapter)" - Future Forces (Renegade Hardware)
"Acid Trak" - Dillinja (Pain)
"The First Generation" - Chaos & Julia Set (Can't remember the label!)
"High Tek Dreams" - Optical (Prototype)
"Static" - Makai rmx (Can't remember the label)
"Elements" - Tech Itch rmx (Can't remember the label)

Cheers, Paul
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