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    MAMPI SWIFT [ Charge Recordings ] - UK

    The prolific "Mampi Swift" aka Phil Anim, formally known as Swift. The addition of "Mampi" to his name not being coincidental; the term meaning "big, strong and quick" depicts everything about him from his pure physique to his amazing "double-dropping" DJing skills. We are going to see a lot happening with Mampi Swift and Charge Recordings this year. He has spent the last 12 months working on his new album - to be released end of April - and if this album doesn't set a precedent - nothing will!!! Working heavily with Blame and 720 Recordings - this duo will certainly be suprising a lot of people over the next few months. With the current EP "Rainman" flying off the shelves and all his classic tunes regularly being played out around the world there is no stopping this guy. Being careful to not over expose his new tunes - they are rarely released prior to promo's - this guy is a very clever business man. He relentlessly still plays with dubplates/vinyl and refuses to use CD's when playing gigs - he is wisely attempting to keep the record industry alive for future generations.


    IC3 [ Movement | The End ] - UK

    One of the scene’s biggest characters: This hugely popular and versatile MC is equally respected and admired for his countless residencies around the globe at both liquid nights, breaks night and rave nights alike. Best seen alongside his good friend and partner in crime Mampi Swift, the ‘awesome twosome’ guarantee a high energy extravaganza.

    IC3’s musical influences stretch right across the genres… from old-skool Hip-Hop (Big Daddy Kane, N.W.A) to 80’s pop (Duran Duran). Rapping from the age of eight, he quickly became known on the block as ‘the little kid that can rap’. His journey to the top of his field began in and around 1994: based in West London he built his reputation through his use of the airwaves: most notably the infamous pirate Transition 1 (Ladbroke Grove) on which he built a huge fan base. Soon enough the phone was ringing with bookings and IC3 was performing at the infamous likes of Roast, Jungle Fever, Desert Storm and A.W.O.L.

    Since then and for more than a decade IC3 has been working regularly alongside a whole variety of top DJs across London, Europe and the world. Securing residencies at a whole host of respected club-nights and raves including the likes of: Movement @ Bar Rumba, Ram Records @ The End, Slammin’ Vinyl and One Nation to name a few.

    It quickly becomes clear when watching IC3 and hearing him perform that there is something truly special about his performance: reason being that IC3 is a qualified actor having studied Theatre at both Drama College and university. In his formative years he was in a number of plays and theatre productions and although since the millennium due to the lack of hours in a day he was reluctantly forced to put that passion on hold. In 2005 his passion for acting could no longer be ignored and was indeed resurrect, resulting in IC3 starring in a number of movies and even putting the finishing touches to his very own ‘IC3 Show’ which is destined for global distribution on DVD before the end of the year.

    Always a compliment to the music… IC3 is a true showman.
    - Words by JHO/echolocation



    >>> *CLICK 2 D/L* Mampi Swift & IC3 @ We Love Sounds, Australia 2006

    01) Gridlok & El Hornet - Hollywood
    >>> Bad Company - Planet Dust
    02) Krust - Warhead (TC remix) (rewind)
    03) Ebony Dubsters - Ra!
    04) Mampi Swift -
    05) Fresh - Nervous
    06) Mampi Swift - Trippin (Gridlok remix)
    >>> Krust - Kloakin King
    07) Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman (Ram Trilogy remix)
    >>> Bad Company - Nitrous (Dillinja Remix)
    0 Dillinja - Your Mind
    09) Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria (Pendulum remix)
    10) Sigma - Masai
    11) Pendulum - Vault VIP
    12) Mampi Swift - Future Mainframe
    >>> Bad Company - The Nine
    13) Chase & Status - The Druids
    >>> Roni Size - 26 Bass
    14) ?
    15) Future Prophecies - Dreadlock
    >>> Dillinja - Twist'em Out
    16) Shy FX feat. Top Cat – Everyday (Chase & Status remix)
    17) Shimon - The Shadow Knows
    1 Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum remix) (rewind)
    19) Mampi Swift – Hi-Tek
    >>> Chase & Status - Duppy Man
    20) Capone aka Dillinja - Style Baby
    >>> Fresh - Floodlight
    21) Mampi Swift - Hackers
    22) Fresh - X-Project (rewind)
    >>> Shy FX & T-Power - Feelings
    23) ?
    24) Pendulum, Fresh, Spyda & Tenor Fly - Black Tarantula
    >>> Mampi Swift - The One
    25) TC - Game Over (rewinnd)
    >>> Subfocus - X-Ray
    >>> Fresh - Signal
    26) Blame - ? (rewind)
    >>> Moving Fusion - The Beginning (Hive & Keaton remix)
    >>> Wot's My Code - Dubplate (Total Science Remix)
    >>> Jenna G feat. Chase & Status - In Love
    27) Wot's My Code - Dubplate (Total Science Remix)
    2 Bad Company - Space Hopper
    >>> ??
    29) Dillinja - Who U
    >>> TC feat. MC Jakes - Deep
    30) Concord Dawn - Fly Away Home
    >>> Bad Company - ?
    >>> ?
    31) Pendulum - Blood Sugar (rewind)
    >>> Andy C & Shimon - Bodyrock
    >>> Dillinja - In the Grind
    >>> Digital & Spirit - Phantom Force

    Random Mampi Swift Live sets:

    >>> Mampi Swift B2B Friction @ 1Nation Vday Special 2006
    >>> Mampi Swift b2b Blame live @ Renegade Hardware - November 2005
    >>> Mampi Swift with Trigga, Eks Man, Shabba, Spyda, Navigator - Breakology Boxing Day 2003
    >>> Mampi Swift with Fun & Riddla - Heaver 7th Bday @ Coronet
    >>> Mampi Swift with Skiba & Shabba - Global Gathering 03
    >>> Mampi Swift live at United Dance vs Moondance
    >>> Mampi Swift, Trigga, Bassman, 5-0, Fats - Telepa - not sure what rave, from T12 Classics.

    >>>Old video set ::: Mampi Swift @ Drum & Bass Arena 22/NOV/02
    >>> MAMPI SWIFT @ HOSPITALITY, Heaven 08.09.06



    -Special thanks to Echo location for pics & press info