Death Race 2003 and Fate ... JUNGLE FE U!


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Jul 18, 2003
Death Race 2003 and Fate ... JUNGLE FE U!

“Fate” Slow BPM lovers rock jungle mix

“This is a mix I did for a session of music at a local Chinese restaurant/after hours spot”


-Wicked Tune-???
-Junglist Lover-Ron Tom
-Feel-The Guyver
-Summer Time-TDK
-Back in the Days-???
-Set Speed-Krust rmx
-Close To You-Sky Joose
-Maximum Style rmx-Tom and Jerry
-Remedy-Lick Down Crew
-Inner City Life-Nookie rmx
-Greetings mix-Halfpint and Lewi
-Fools Rushin-Curley Greylox
“Death Race 2003” Fast BPM mashup/ragga jungle mix

“Death Race 2003 was a party me and my crew Pure n Wyze did in Phoenix AZ on August 15th 2003. The theme came from the 1975 movie Death Race 2000. The point of the party was to make a soundtrack for the movie based on the extensive back catalogue of drum and bass from 1993-2003. Each of the 4 DJs contributed their own selection to the 3 ½ hour show. This is my personal redition of the soundtrack using mash up jungle and bad boy ragga. The point of the mix is to express humanity’s death race it seems to be running. This was a preplanned, but not premixed set.”


-Babylon Gona’ Get Ya-The Dredi Knight
-Natural Born Killers-Atomic Dog
-Bad Man-Soundmurderer
-Junglist Hooligan-Stevie Hyper D
-Champion Sound-Devious D
-Naughty Ride-Soul Slinger
-Future II rmx-Noise Factory
-Jungle Move-Remarc
-Crash Test-D Bridge
-Me Nice-Sky Joose
-Original Rudeboy Style-Hard Drive
-Babylon rmx-Trace
-Heres My Gun-???
-No Turning Back-DJ Redoo
-Blood Babylon-Don of Don’s
-One Life “Ragga Mix”-Ragga Death
-Ricky-Remarc and Lewi
-Rollin In Bass-The Assailant
-???-Pharaoh Crew
-Eternity VIP-Mad Bones
-R Type-Jo
-Ruffer Then You-UOME
-Hit Man “Album mix”-Cutty Ranks
-Limited Time-DJ Dub Rush-Back 2 Back
-One Life “Incarnate Perspective”-Ragga Death

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