DeadLung Ft. Sidekicks - Something Real (riidest t45kur2t1k remix)

I feel like I'm improving with every next song I finish but I can't nobody else than my gf to listen to them lol
Could use some top gear top tips & tricks how to improve, what I'm lacking and so forth
Here's couple of my latest tracks I'd like to share.

This is more electronic and trancy one.
Tried to make something heavy here, wanted to use some vocals before the drop but couldn't get them in key
so I didnt use them, still not happy with few bass sounds there


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the first one - really toppy. couldn't make out any real low end. really liked the musical aspects of it, pads, strings little synth riffs etc.
not keen on the kick drum, i dont feel it sat too well with the rest of the track.
Overall i do like the sound but it needs the mix looking at.

second track - some nice bass sounds there, but could vary what you have a little more. i felt like after 16 bars i knew what was coming so it was a bit predictable which is a shame as you've got a good variety of sounds there.
also, bass - for me at least - is as much about the space between the sounds as the sounds themselves, a few beats here and there with no bass will add a bit of breathing space and also give the hits more impact.
again, i quite like it but a few tweeks would go a long way. the percussion in this one is much better.

good work


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The mix sounds ok, but it sounds like it is not compressed enough. I know the war on dynamics and stuff, but I really feel compression is a part of modern music and should be applied.
As far as the actual first track goes it is very nice and has that cheesy synth sound that I like. The structure is nice and evolving and the sounds are modern and fun. If I turn up the song loud enough i can hear the bass better but I think you could remix your track so it is more bass centric.
Cool track.