Deadlok-Pie Face Mix.

Deadlok-Pie Face Mix.
This is my latest 100% Vinyl mix and my 20th year of mixing. It's hard to keep up to date with the dying breed that is the Vinyl mixer so from now on i'm mixing new(ish) tunes with some of my Oldskool stuff. 20 years worth gives me plenty to play with. Please do enjoy the rough around the edges but fun to mix pure Vinyl sets....

Deadlok - Pie Face Mix. 11.11.2015.

1.Pythious - Abandon
2.Forbidden Society - Stay True To The Game
3.DjHidden - Once Upon A Time In Porto
4.The Outside Agency - Prepare To Die
5.Lowroller - Heartless Machine
6.Mystification - Recovery
7.Lucy Furr - Do Something Terrible
8.BSA - Savage
9.Loxy - Jinnel Killa
10.Skynet - Disorder
11.Technical Itch - Something Comes
12.IC1 - Green Remix
13.Limewax - Arsch Noisyum
14.Cooh -Equivalent
15.Dylan & BKey - Slave To Life
16.Counterstrike - Ready For The Pain