Dead gay body in Hospital

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    I am commiting suicide.
    I know that I am going to die in the future
    and I am not actively doing anything to prevent that.
    I am a very patient victim
    So I can wait
    Time is irrelevant;
    the fact of my death will remain infinite
    a horizon to never be reached
    So I can wait
    for time to erase me
    to cleanse my sins.
    there will be no afterlife
    no glory
    no misery
    no me.
    know me.
    know me.
    for you too
    will die.

    The channels are open
    expel the infection before they close.
    your wounds are an exit
    your life is filth.
    your life is a bandage
    but soon it will fall away
    your scabs will degrade
    and you will be free.
    run loose
    run free
    [drool up[on your obstaffcles]
    when the blood runs clear