Label DDLSDIG#005 The Prana & N-crypt - Mental Atmosphere is OUT NOW!!!

DDLSDIG#005 The Prana & N-crypt - Mental Atmosphere is OUT NOW!!!

Alex(aka The Prana) is very promising & talented young producer. Who first became interested in electronic music more in 1998. From drum'n'bass culture he met in 2000. Since that time, started experimenting on his own sound, what helped him a musical education. As a DJ made his debut in 2005.
The fruits of sonic experiments was released on German label Intransigent Recordings in May 2009, the revolutionary EP for the label "DARK FUTURE EP" with a track Schneider. Since then, The Prana is closely communicate and cooperate with producer and friend DJ GIS. Soon will come a large number of releases, which again swinging the German and other dance floors for its broken beats and dense basslines.This tunes he made with his freind N-crypt.



Intransigent rec. [Ger]

Pressure Chamber rec. [Ger]

Deadlines rec. [Rus]

The PRANA & N-crypt-Mental Atmosphere(clips)

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