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ok folks, we have a special treat for ya tonite... big time exclusives airing... THE TRILOGY SOUND CREW is touching down with an exclusive set... you wanted ragga, we've got ragga. 416-946-7000, and of couse emails to DCS905 [@] gmail.com are always appreciated.

one other thing i must request is that you check out DCS905.ca for more updates and details on what we're doing, schedules, events, set/artist submissions, archived downloads, features, and artist bio's....

so, tonites schedule is as follows!:

Saturday August 13 / 2005: 89.5 fm : 10pm-Midnite : www.ciut.fm : www.DCS905.ca

feature mix 1 - Stevie Hyper D : a tribute set to the one HYPER D ... covering some tunes from the compilation availible from jungleravers.com

feature mix 2 - Ed Rush & Optical [Request set] : Once again we're going to crush the requests from teh listening crew, and as it happens, you want some ed rush & optical

feature mix 3 - Sunchase : Some of the techyest, hardest, progressive d'n'b availible... huge epic tunes from this man

EXCLUSIVE DJ mix - TRILOGY SOUND CREW 100% Exclusive set from the ATL based crew of original ragga pioneers... not one to be missed!

check out http://www.DCS905.ca for more info and updated features'

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