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Hey DC D&B Massive,

Ok, here are the details on the DC Producer mix. By making a submission of tracks for the mix, you are granting permission for track usage in the mix, also free distribution of the mix on CD and from web sites. The project is a non profit operation, though if the mix is put into CD format later on, a fee may be charged to cover distribution and production costs.

Each contributing producer can provide copies of, or links to 1-3 tracks that they would like to have featured in the mix.

Tracks must meet the following criterion:

A. 5 minutes or more in length.[please don't exceed 10 minutes]
B. Reasonable mastering and volume levels.
C. Song must be in Drum&Bass format, any sub genre is ok.
D. Tempo of submitted tracks must be between 170-195 BPM
E. All submitted songs must have ONLY cleared or unrecognizeable samples.
F. No judgements on quality of music will be made, all are encouraged to submit.
G. Producers must be from Washington DC, Maryland, or surrounding areas of Virginia only if you don't mind us listing DC as your home base. If you are outside of DC, you may qualify, but you'll have to show proof of reppin for DC and show us your plans for moving here....heh.
H. Deadline for submission of finished materials is Friday August 30th, 2002.

As stated before, this project is purely non-profit and designed to promote the idea that there are Drum&Bass producers in Washington DC to the online Drum & Bass community, and to give local heads an idea of the talent at local shows in DC so that they come out to see you play. Everyone is heavily encouraged to submit, full credits and label names will be listed for each track. Each contributor will have permission to host this mix on their web site.

By submitting, you retain all rights to your tracks, but grant free usage and non-profit promotional usage permission to this project.

I would be happy to consider non-producing DJs to mix the submitted songs, and possibly a submitting DJ, but non submitting DJs get priority [to feature as much talent as possible]. This is a track feature CD so the tracks will not be "cut/scratched" too much in the final mix. But, if worst comes to worse, I will mix the tracks in my unique tiger style...heh. The deadline is necessary so the tracks can be assembled for mixing. The rules are not concrete, new ones may be added as we go along, but if you need special consideration, drop me a line and I'll see what can be worked out. I assure everyone that this is a fair opportunity to put yourself on this project. Please send me your materials as early as possible! email links to: winternett@hotmail.com (or if that box is full)..> [winternett@urbanapartments.com]. The mailing address for CDs is:

ATTN: Winterman
750 Rock Creek Church Road
NW, Washington DC 20010

Respect......................................>Moe [AKA] Winterman

Winternett Technologies