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    We love a regular dose of Drum & Bass at The Fat! Club so we were excited to find this mix from DC Breaks in our inbox. From straight up rollers to some of the rawest tear-out basslines we’ve heard this mix has it all, even venturing in dubstep territory. Check their edit of ‘Rumble’! With releases forthcoming on Viper and Frequency and an Australian tour stay tuned for more…

    Tracklist after the jump.

    DC Breaks - Drum & Bass Arena Podcast

    Mankind VIP- DC Breaks (Viper Dub)
    Cause n Effect - Ram Trilogy (Ram)
    Flashback - DC Breaks - (Frequency)
    Haterz - Jakes Ft TC (D Style)
    Drive In, Drive By - Baron (BBK)
    Capoeira - Infrared Vs Gil Felix (Infrared)
    Nosher (Marky & S.P.Y Rmx) - Total Science (CIA)
    Polygon - Shock One (Viper)
    Drop Bear - DJ Die (Full Cycle)
    Polar Bear - DC Breaks (Viper)
    Heaven & Hell - Xample (Ram)
    7th Heaven - DC Breaks (Dub)
    Task Master - Furlonge (Viper Dub)
    Together (DC Breaks Rmx) - Disaszt (Mainframe Dub)
    Outsider - DJ Samurai (Viper VIP)
    Skank - Phesta (Technique)
    Chronic - Shock One (Viper)
    Deadline - Digital (31 Recs)
    Rock It - Sub Focus (Ram)
    Take Me To The Hospital (Sub Focus Rmx) - The Prodigy (TMTTH)
    Contact (Noisia Rmx) - Foreign Beggars Ft Noisia (Dented Recs)
    Crackdown (Shock One Rmx) - Brookes Bros (Viper Dub)
    Taken VIP - DC Breaks (Frequency Dub)
    Lock Up - VENT (Hardcore Beats Dub)
    Otacon - Reso (Subway Dub)
    Go (Bar 9 Rmx) - Kyza (Dented Recs)
    Rumble (DC Breaks Re-Edit) - Reso Vs VENT (Subway Dub)
    Never Felt This Way - Andy C (Ram)