Dbrief - Soulful Selections Vol. 2 (Live from DM Radio Malta)


Son of the Drum n Bass Father
With a platform to promote his message, Dbrief sets out to unify people through the power of Dance. Focusing on the more Soulful end of the Drum n' Bass spectrum, Dbrief blends these vibrations to bring you Soulful Selections Vol. 2, live and direct from DM Radio Malta. (Track list to follow shortly)


'Vibrations have forever echoed throughout the Universe as both a means of communication and a means of celebration. The rate at which these frequencies vibrate, and how they interact and intertwine amongst each other affects how they are perceived by the human ear and the emotive content they expel.

On a mission to spread a message taught to him on Planet Chàn, Dbrief uses the means of Drum n’ Bass to unite people through the power of dance and its linked positive energy. Unity is the drive of the Dbrief saga, and Music is the communicator.'