DB - Scape/Modul - Data.Mod.012

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    08/09 Season starts with a hot fall inside Modulate HQs.
    Check This Out!

    Db : Scape - Modul [datamod012]
    10/09/08: Beatport Exclusive - 11/09/08 : Official Release Date


    DB is the 21 years old Nicolas Sicard, one of the youngest emerging
    dj/producers of the French Drum&Bass scene.
    Turned into the deeper & forward thinking side of d'n'b, he's one of those
    artists who try to focus on the technical production aspects, constantly
    improving sound research, searching for new ways to make a dance genre such
    D&B more "intelligent".
    He's involved in the international scene since 2007, producing and playing
    for uprising US labels Flight Recordings & Black Reign Recordings, and now
    for the Italian imprint, Modulate Recordings.
    After years of hard work he has now established himself as one to watch out
    when it's talking about a "Future Phunk French Connection" alongside Eiton,
    Kenei, Brainfuzz, and Nanohana.