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Who is Dawn Wall?

  • Lomax

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  • One of the dudes from AI

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  • Your mom

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  • Dave Benson Phillips

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You say that, and yet Integral are doing it again
“We’re excited to present the first single from Tatora – a new pseudonym from one of the scene’s most forward thinking producers. Set to create more waves, this new sound and identity explores ethereal vocals that wonderfully distort through uplifting frequencies and mystic soundscapes that radiate big presence in their exquisitely liquid sound.”
I think they are getting the samples cleared, but by using an alias I think they won't be charged as much as if they said Artificial Intelligence (with a quick Google search you'll obviously AI has a huge fanbase and international recognition). I THINK, not sure.
Glenn owns a HUGE music company that makes soundtracks for movies, games(Assassins Creed, Life is Strange), TV series, working together with the likes of dua lipa, daughter etc. So yeah i think he has no problems at all clearing all these samples for Integral lol